Other Powers

[Jun06] Add a Russian Power

[Feb06] Leon Baradat

Hey, I had another idea for an additional player in a future Colonization game. Its claim to a place in Colonization is tenuous, but potentially justifiable historically.

Scotland could be a player! Scotland was technically an independent country until 1707, and they did actually establish a colony in the New World, from 1698 to 1700. It failed miserably and devastated the Scottish economy. But if it had succeeded, Scotland might have avoided Union with England (maybe).

Scotland's default leader would be William Paterson, its first colony's default name would be New Edinburgh, and the default name for the new land would be New Caledonia. Default names for other colonies would have to be made up, of course (maybe from names that were applied to other places Scots settled, such as Nova Scotia). If playing in America, the Scottish ship would be headed for Panama. The home port would be named Leith Harbour. It looks like the colony built a fort, Fort St. Andrew, so I would make Fort St. Andrew the default name of the second colony of a hypothetical Scottish colonial power.

As for what special advantage the Scots would have, I'm not really sure. The colony's history doesn't seem to provide any real advantages the Scots had, except maybe popular enthusiasm for the project: ordinary Scots invested heavily in the company. To simulate that, maybe for the Scottish player, the buy and sell prices in Leith Harbour would be the same (instead of the sell price being 1 lower than the buy price).

Some sources:

[ I never knew Scotland founded a colony in the New World. But I imagine if it had been successful the might of the English Navy would have soon annexed it. I was actually born in Shetland which was conquered by Scotland about 300 Years ago from the Norwegian King with the Orkney Islands. One of my Brother's was also born there and went to University at Saint Andrews, Fife, Scotland. Claimed to be the third University of Britian after Oxford (where I have also lived) and Cambridge. Also I have been to Nova Scotia, and the North Island Cape Breton recently linked to the mainland by causeway has a lot of Welsh and a few Irish decended people. The Scots could have the advantage of Educating their Citizens more quickly as Education is highly valued in Scotland. ]

[Mar05] Add Islamic Power by George Carty

Could we have a game which posits a failed Reconquista and replaces the Spanish with the Andalusians? A Christian-Islamic conflict in the New World would certainly be interesting!

NO-ONE expects the Andalusian Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear. Fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise. And ruthless efficiency.... Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Caliph....

[ You would need Iman's as well as Preachers for this. ]

[Feb05] Loaf Warden from the CivFanatics Colonization Forum

Sweden should be added, if a sufficient strategy could be found for them. And, though it falls somewhat outside the scope of the game, it would be neat to see Russia added, maybe. If, again, a strategy could be found for them. The Russians could come in on the western side of the map.

[ And start later in the game. ]

[May00] Add other European Powers by Justin Cass

I really think that this game could've been really improved by adding some more nations. Portugal, Sweden, and Russia could've easily been added. In fact, I've been working on a mod-pack to the game replacing Dutch with Swedes, French with Russians, and Spanish with Portuguese. If you think about it, the nations and their replacements have a LOT in common. French and Russians had little interest in the new world, and exploited Furs heavily. The one Swedish colony was taken by the Dutch, and both remained a weak influence to the new world.

[Aug99] Have Japanese and Chinese colonize the West Coast by Jeff Lindequist

Have the Chinese and Japanese colonize the West coast thus giving them a good start before they encounter the better armed Europeans.

[ Samurai swords aren't that inferior to muskets especially in wet weather, so maybe add a weather feature or combat factor.]

Also have other European Powers.

[ The Swedish had an early Colony in what is now Pennsylvania but I think gave it up when Norway become Independent of them - perhaps at this date their Colony should become automatically independent or be given to another power. ]