Microsoft India Headquarters at Bangalore

They provide Software for Asia. "Software Solutions for the East". It's pretty easy now as all the Software Libraries have been written, and you just put them together with a main programme. Stock programmes like 'Stock Control' Updates, or 'Payroll' are now well known. They have excellent inter-personal skills and aren't twisted like some Very Senior Programmers in the West. Who code twice as fast, for ten times the money, then pretend it is un-do-able, and run off. And try again with the next client. Second level programmers are a quarter the price for more elegant code, and do it properly, and are much nicer. But twice as slow, which is better than never finish it! When you can. They are all 'Excellent Communicators who don't have any morals'. That's all that's left in the computer industry, they don't know about old Computers, and NEVER play or understand the Classic 2D Computer Games. Bangalore have a few Western 'Key Programmers' to help them.

Indians are dim, and so what?

They can programme 4 loops neatly. I can programme 6 ½, and Bill Gates of Microsoft, Seattle can programme 10. Paul Allen can programme 9. Steve Jobs is a “Flim-Flam” who can wire a board, and communicate effectively. Mouse with Mouse Mat is x3 better than a laptop touch-pad mouse. And Windows NOT 8 is 2-4 times better than Windows 8, or 3.1. There was also Windows 95 with Windows 98 Update. Windows XP (with Windows Media Player – stores CD’s and Tracks on Computer Hard Drive, and downloads Picture of Album from the internet automatically.

Apparently "Turbo Pascal" manuals are in demand. It is a Structured and Elegant Language. READ MANUAL. Available from cheap e.g. £3 plus Postage, often including Postage. Other interesting books any MS-DOS Batch processing ; and COBOL (Commercial Business Orientated Language) – runs 80% of Bank not City Software from 1980’s. Designed by Committee in 1959.

The British are making Wooden Furniture, second best, at 1/3 price for India. New Delhi (North-east of Delhi) has almost all the Furniture it needs. Delhi is getting some. Kolhapur is getting some, less. And Delhi 2 near. Bangalore gets a little, and has computer tables anyway. Madras is waiting for ever if there are no Dye Sales. Coloured Dye e.g. Indigo, and Saffron (Blue and Red)come from India. Providing there are many Indians in the Pacific North-west: Vancouver Bay. Madras needs nothing more.

10 Major Indian Cities are being electrified with Copper Wire in the Main Central Districts while there is still Cheaper Oil available to do it. Copper Ore needs mining and melting into Cable with Plastic Insulation. Copper is now x2.5 2008 Prices, instead of it's peak of x4. They took out a 90% Loan to lay the wire, some of it provided by the Britain. This should make some internet access, and computer use.

Bangalore is getting 5 Nexeses, around Bangalore Central. They have 10 Facades of about 40 Apartment Blocks each ; and a Central Shopping District.

The Hindu Gods

  • Truth, Hindu God of. Not welcome much. Says Indian's lie too many.

  • Krishna - he didn't talk in my ears but out of my heart and commented on his 'love of Laughter and Women'. Both of which were struck from me for 3 or 4 years. I read on the internet that he had 100,000 Wife's! He had 'swallowed' over 500 'Chaos Beasts' in his time on Earth to keep evil at bay and they were threatening to escape. So I had to slay them by doing silly thing like picking a 'Chaos Beast' posing as litter (possibly Cigarette Packets). I thought I would have to clear the whole of Portsmouth, some distance! But luckily events intervened otherwise.

  • Kali - who took over some girl I am acquainted with because she wasn't ready to be a God Head. Beware the 'Wrath of Kali'. She does not like to dispense her 'Wrath' much, as it means physical pain, and blood. Kali has called for mass sterilisation in West Bengal. Thanks to Clive of India, Calcutta is x4 bigger than it would have been. Kali lives as a Holy Cow, giving out more milk, and japates. Indian Cows have a Soul, British Cows don't seem to.

  • Ganesh - the Hindu Elephant Headed God of War and Peace, trampled every flower in his garden.

  • There are also a Hindu Gods of Doctor, Health, Humour, Invisibility (like 'the Invisible Man' Book), Shop Keeping, and Shopping. Asians still run a lot of 'Corner Shop' type Stores, plus Small-Post Offices.

  • There are only 50 major Hindu Gods active.

  • Most of the Jungle has been cut down. It used to grow Bananas and Fruit. The Monkey God lived there. It is due to return in a Year. The Monkey God is Happy when there.

  • There is also a Hindu God of Virtue,

  • Pain,

  • and Worry.

  • There is a new God: Rudyard Kipling who wrote 'The Jungle Book' and 'The Man who would be King'. 'Put the Silly Woman in the House'. A great Author of the British Raj, on which the Sun has Set. And will return as a few Islands in the Atlantic still ruled by Britain: Bermuda, Ascension Island, The Falkland Island, and South Georgia. And Camaron (which makes quite a few Agricultural Products), Togo (which needs little buy publicity), and the Crown Colony of Sierra Leone. Which has 70% non-civilized. And has invaded Liberia subsequently. The first two Countries will be Protectorates.

  • The Jains a small religious group mainly in Gujarat North Western India by leaving my green bag and the bread that was in it. They don't believe in eating any meat, and regard drinking water as a sin as it kills the bacteria in it.

  • Janism and the Indian state of Gujarat are not as one. Hindu's count 200,000,000 too many.

  • Ghandi and the Head of the BJP, Hindu Nationalist Party, responsible for the recent massacre in Gujarat, N.E. India because Muslim's were out-populating Hindu's and Jain's. They appeared as normal waiters in an Indian Restaurant but with the presence of themselves.

    The Vishnu Spirit

    The Chief Vishnu - 5,000 Sikh Priest's, and a few Hindu ones as well, gathered at the Golden Temple of Amritser, Eastern Punjab representing each one representing a major Hindu God. I believe their are thousands or more. And I'm not sure if Sikh's worship any of them. Sikh's and Hindu's both worship the 'Festival of Lights', and Sikh's draw some elements of their religion from Islamic Poetry. The major God's were Krishna, represented by the Chief Vishnu [Spirit], Kali and the Chaos Spirit (very scary). They also had Ear, Nose, Mouth, Foot, Wheel, Paper, Water... I could make new God's by combining them e.g. Wheel (for Engineering) and Paper (for Information) = Computer. I invented two new God's: a Cleaning God for the 'Untouchable's', they already had a Drain God? And a Cotton God so they could grow genetically engineered Cotton developed in China, a good deal more productive i.e. pays better for the same amount of land and work.

    Not all 'Untouchable's' have a Rubber Glove, and would like one.

    One a the male nurses at hospital who looked Hindu played the part of the Chief Vishnu. Incidentally Vishnu is actually a name for a Hindu God not religious leader. They also said Vitic Scriptures were their Holy Book. It's actually Vedic Scriptures. They quoted things like 'He will walk and walk and never sit down', which I had to do for a while. Later they added 'Until he does something else', luckily. The Priests had to wash them self's every time I did something wrong, I did likewise; and if I used deodorant they had to put something under their arms as Scripture had no knowledge of it.

    The Hindu priests then joined in at the Taj Mahal. A Mausoleum in Agra, India built by The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Arjumand Banu Bagam. Completed in 1643. It was originally intended to have a Black copy built opposite it. Hinduism had about 700,000,000 members.

    The Vishnu Spirit offered me another incarnation, that wasn't very satisfactory. Living in Luton working in a Warehouse packing boxes with 1 friend, and little heating at home, as heating will become quite expensive in a few years times. For 5 then 10 years. With a 5 year break soldering (sitting down) with 5 friends after 5 long years! When I would be in despair. So I declined the offer.

    Hindu Caste System

    Hinduism has five hereditary classes, which are in turn split into Castes (a word derived from Portuguese Traders). Middle Caste descendents of Indian Origin in this Country are good at working in offices. Offices have just enough workers. They are good at answering the telephone, paperwork, and using the computer.

    There are between 2,000-3,000 of them depending on what part of India you are in. There is even a caste for criminals which you are born into! The system was devised by the Aryan-speaking invaders of 3,000 years ago, with them taking the top jobs. The classes in order of importance are:

    1. Brahmans - Priests.
    2. Kshatriyas - Warriors.
    3. Vaisyas - Farmers and Merchants. Plus Artisans.
    4. Sudras- Labourers, born to be servants to the other three castes, especially the first.
    5. Harijans - Untouchables, a Caste Gandhi himself joined effectively and who's right's he fought for. 1,000,000 Untouchables recently converted on-mass to Buddhism.