The Roman Legions and Gods

A dozen Senator's of Italy who relayed the position and number of each Roman Legion in their constituency, and others known to them thus allowing me to build a map of the disposition of Legions across the Empire. Many of course changed position through history due to military necessity and some were lost, such as 2 whole Legions in the Teutonic Woods, Southern Germany with their Standards; or Eagles as they were known - Their Soul. Thus preventing the second Emperor Augustus, a God (a month is even named after him, another after Julius - Sept(7), Oct(8), Nov(9), Dec(10) being moved up two places, so they could have the summer months with the most days!) and later Emperors (all God's) dominating Germania. They said 10 Legions where in the Alps region to protect the Germanic Frontier. Coln and Vienna were founded as a Roman Colonia, and the frontier actually ran from Hadrian's Wall, through long gone Wooden Forts on the rivers Rhine and Danube, to a Sand Ditch in North Africa. They built with the materials at hand.

Eboracum (York) also had a Colonia now under Yorkminster. The VI Vixtrix and IX Hispania were based there. It was Cold there so they got Woollen Socks. Eboracum was the Capital of a Quadrant of the Empire. The Emperor who conquered Britannia was not Julius Caesar, who only had a unfortunate expedition with 2 legions in 55 B.C.; but the Emperor Claudius who invaded with 4 Legions in 43 A.D.; His nick-name was 'Little Boot'.

There were also Colonia at Coln, Germany on the Rhine River; and Vienna.

There are two books in the Waterstone's Bookshop about the II Vaspasion based in Pompii, now where Naples is; the XII Macedonian. Macedonia was on the edge of the Greek Polis's (City States), and was part Greek by Culture in Antiquity.

An ancient Roman law forbade any General from crossing the Rubicon River, Northern Italia and entering the precincts of Rome. Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in 49 B.C. with his all conquering Gaelic Legions starting a Civil War that lead to the death of the Republic and him becoming Dictator: the first Emperor. Rome itself was defended by the Elite Praetorian Guard, dressing in Black, not the Red of the Legions, and frequent Assassins of Emperors.

The Forum was a place where Politics was discussed with Vengence? Centurion, Defender of Rome FREE Game Download.

The Roman's preferred to adopt everyone's God's. As they had adopted the Greek God's giving them Latin names e.g.:

The Roman Legions were divided into Cohorts of 400 or 500 Legionaries. As a pass time each Cohort had 4 Trowing Dice from the east. They had a Rectangular Shield made by Roman and Swiss Craftsman, and a Galdius, I short stabing sword. A Ballista was also used occasionly, generally on a Tribes Chiefs House. It wasn't used much as it was Brutal. Frontier Fortifications helped keep the Pax Romana. The Wooden ones on the Germanic Frontier. They fell into disuse toward the end of the Western Roman Empire due to a lack of Silver in the Economy. The Legions were recalled from Britannia in 410 A.D. to defend Rome from Atilla the Hun.

The Roman Villa had a Master, and 100 Servants. The Master had under floor heating in Britannia for two Rooms, with a detailed Mosaic on the floor. He and his friends lay on couches and ate. It is known you are less bored when laying on a couch. There was a Kitchen Knife available to Peal an Apple. Sometimes they wrote Ode's - Poems to loved ones. The Master might have a dozen pertisioners a day.