The Vikings and their Gods

They came from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland (and Karala), and Shetland (it has a lot of Sheep). They always admired England because it was warm, but weren't allowed to settle on mass. Norway had 20 Viking blood lines, all but 3 emigrated. Now it has 2 Chistian and the other. The Viking blood in the British Isles came from Norway, not Sweden, and possibly Denmark.

Valhalla - 'hall of the slain' in Old Norse mythology ruled by the king of the gods, Odin, in the realm of the gods, Asgard. The hall had 540 doors, through each of which 800 heroes could walk abreast, and the roof was made of shields. The souls of heroic soldiers killed in battle were brought to Valhalla by warrior maidens called Valkyries. The heroes fought during the day, but their wounds healed before night, when they banqueted with Odin. A Norse Warrior had to die with his sword in his hand to enter Valhalla, or 'halls of Asgard' - one of the Nine Worlds in Norse Mythology.

The Norse lived in Halls on the Norwegian Fjords. They had a three big fires that kept them warm. They sat of wooden bench's generally, with a wooden table. Hand-Maidens served Beer, Beef, Swede, and Cabbage. Sanitation was a major problem, and Sanitation ditches had to be dug outside the Hall.

The Norse were responsible for the most heinous crimes against Christians in their raids across Northern Europe and weren't fully converted until 1200 A.D. Their voyages reached Byzantium, Rome and the New World, recounted in their Sagas. They still have the festival of Uphalia in Shetland were I was born (part of the King of Norway's Realm until 500 years ago), the burning of the boat. A practice that confirmed their decision to settle new lands. They settled much of the coast of the British Isles, settling some blood in Dublin and Jarrow (in Northeast England), and also founded the Duchy of Normandy, their line leading to our Royal Family through William the Conqueror (previously the Bastard) and the Battle of Hastings, 1066. They also settled Russian Lands and founded the Russian Royal Family in Kiev, the Ukraine.

The Norse and Nordic blood-lines wanted to settle in warmer countries but weren't very welcome. When I was a teenager studying Computer Studies at Scarbourgh Technical College (1986-88), I used to walk down to the Arcades with some friends from the course. The was a game there called 'Guantlet'. You can play the Yellow Wizard; Green Elf: Questor; Thyra the Valkrie, female Warrior; or Thor the Axeman. You can collect Food (for health strength), Keys (to open doors), and Magic Potions, and Amulets. And fight many monsters, and Enemies in the Dungeon with Walls, and Mazes. Up to 4 players can Play. It's due a re-release on the X-Box, or Playstation, because it's Ace. What about selling the same game twice??? I know it's a difficult concept for the people who run the computer shop, but if a game sells well once, can't you re-release exactly the same game again and make money!!!

I wore a beard for 6 months in hospital so a old lone Sikh Warrior could prevent the Norse Warriors escaping into our world, clearly quite a task with 540 doors! The beard didn't suit me as it didn't grow at the sides and couldn't be trimmed. At least it saved me from having to get my razor from the nurses everytime I needed a shave. The voices claimed the most exquisite food was served but there were only 500 places! So every evening there was a great fight for a place. Wounds were felt but did not hurt, something that happened to me when I was 'shoot', and experienced the afterwave of a nuclear explosion.

Valkries guided the Souls of Warriors who died in Battle holding their Longswords to Valhalla. Also known as the Halls of Asgard.

It's good for 2 Years then gets a bit boring. They can play Computer Games like Zork Zero, and Beyond Zork with a Warrior to tell them Clues. They also have Soothsayers, and watch Videos like Terminator, Judge Dread, and Robocop.

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The Norse (Norway - Norge, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland) had other Gods as well including:

Origin of Days of the Week

Tuesday is named after the Norse God of Single Combat.
Wednesday is named after Woden (identified with Odin) one of the three Germanic Gods of War.
The Norse God Thor, usually depicted with a Hammer is the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning, and kept the Dragonshead Norse Longboats from sinking in storms. Thursday is named after Thor.
Friday being Freya the Norse Goddess of Free Love and Fishing.

The other days being Saturn, Sun and Moon.